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To Install Your Water Softener Or Filter System:
#1: Quality Work
water quality
We use professional brand water softeners that we trust to work for you and last. Our water softeners installs include a bypass valve and 4 bags of starter salt. We will ask questions to see how many people live in the home so that we can size the unit properly for your needs. A water quality analysis will be completed before and after the install to insure that the unit is calibrated for your water. We also install whole home carbon filters and iron filters. Give us a call and see why clients choose us over everyone else!
#2: Maintenance And Warranty
hard water plumbers
We specialize in treating  hard water, eliminating chlorine, odors, and iron. We can provide information along with the best options for your home and family. Our systems are backed by a 5 year warranty along with lifetime salt and mineral tanks. Once we are done installing your system there will be nothing for you to do other than add salt ever few months. On our filter systems we will provide you with options to return annually to switch them out for you.  We are available Seriously 24-7
#3: How To Save Money With Your Water Quality System
A water softener will save you money on costly plumbing repairs do to scale build up on things like; water heater, dishwasher solenoid, spotty dishes, shower valves, faucets, toilets, washing machines, laundry soap, shampoos, body soap, etc. Can you see why we say you are paying for a softener whether you buy one or not? Iron filters will remove odor along with stopping all of the rust stains that you get on fixtures and clothes. Carbon/chlorine filters not only stop permanent or irreversible damage to you piping and seals from chlorine, but they are also provide for healthier drinking water for your body and family. There are thousands of unregulated chemicals in our drinking water that you could be doing without.  
Benefits Of Water Quality Systems
Water Softener
  • Removes calcium that causes permanent and irreversible damage to things like; water heaters, faucets, shower valves, ice makers, solenoid valves in dishwashers, toilets, humidifiers, glass ware, shower doors, clothes, the list is endless!
  •  Smoother skin and hair!
  •  Use half the soap in laundry, shower, dishwasher!
  •  More effective water heater that doesn't have to heat the calcium first.
  •  Less time cleaning shower doors and spotty dishes!
  •  On demand system calculates how much water you use to only regenerate when needed, saving you salt and money!
  • ​Low monthly payment options available!

FAQ Softeners

  • Slick feeling - What is known as the silky or oily feeling when you're not used to a softener is actually a result of the soap being rinsed off, rather than clinging to you, and the natural good oils in your skin not being stripped. 
  • ​In hard water, not all of the soap gets rinsed off when you're in the shower. It stays bonded to the water and your skin making you feel dry.
  • ​In soft water the soap separates from the water, your skin/hair, and washes away.
  • Will it increase sodium in my diet? - ​Softeners do use salt to clean the resin(the media that actually softens the water). The softener is not adding substantial quantities of salt into the water actually delivered to your home. 
  • ​Does the water taste salty? - You will notice a difference in taste if drinking soft water, but it's similar to the difference between purified bottled water and spring water. You will not taste any salt.
  • Maintenance - ​Our softeners require no maintenance other than adding salt. The most you would ever need to do is reset the clock in the event of a power outage lasting longer than 8 hours. The clock is very easy to set.
Whole Home Carbon Filter 
  • Removes chlorine that attacks rubber seals causing leaks in toilets and faucets.
  •  Chlorine also attacks metal piping like copper and eventually causes leaks that create damage.
  •  Removes VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, and other contaminates in water.
  •  Chlorine strips collagen from your hair drying it out
  •  Chlorine can also turn blonde dyed hair green
Iron and Sulfur Filter
  • Iron can stain your sinks, tubs, clothes, toilets, faucet trim, and etc.
  •  Iron builds up in the back of your toilet, making it very difficult to clean.
  •  Sulfur can make your hot and even cold water smell like rotten eggs.
  •  Our system uses no chemicals to remove iron and sulfur.
Reverse Osmosis - Drinking Water Systems
  • Remove 95% of the total dissolved solids in our drinking water.
  •  Removes chlorine, lead, and several other unregulated chemicals in city drinking water.
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Did you know that water heater manufactures say that you should have your water heater flushed and inspected EVERY Year?
Typically water heaters are installed in basements, closets, or in the garage where they are generally out of sight and out of mind. Indiana is a state that has extremely hard water that likes to collect inside of water heaters along with other appliances, fixtures, glass ware, and OUR SKIN. Let us take over the responsibility of annual flushes and inspections of your water heater. We can put you in our system to contact you annually to flush, maintain, and inspect your water heater. We are currently running a special for $110 off of our normal price making the flush ONLY $49! Call today before spots fill up and we take the offer down.
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