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Why Choose Seriously 24-7 
To Repair Or Replace Your Sewer:
#1: Quality Work
Most importantly to start, we always pull the appropriate permits, follow local codes/spec sheets, and have the local authority inspect our work. This give you peace of mind that a 3rd party is making sure that we did the job right the first time. We use the most durable piping and fittings allowed in the sewer specs for your city or town. We are capable of repairing sewer lines without digging at all if there is a proper clean out. Our goal is always to perform the work to where your yard is back to normal as fast as possible. 
#2: Maintenance And Warranty
Our spot repairs, line replacements, and point repair liners come with exceptional warranties. We pride ourselves on getting the problem fixed right the first time.   We are available Seriously 24-7
#3: How To Save Money With Your Water Quality System
A water softener will save you money on costly plumbing repairs do to scale build up on things like; water heater, dishwasher solenoid, spotty dishes, shower valves, faucets, toilets, washing machines, laundry soap, shampoos, body soap, etc. Can you see why we say you are paying for a softener whether you buy one or not? Iron filters will remove odor along with stopping all of the rust stains that you get on fixtures and clothes. Carbon/chlorine filters not only stop permanent or irreversible damage to you piping and seals from chlorine, but they are also provide for healthier drinking water for your body and family. There are thousands of unregulated chemicals in our drinking water that you could be doing without.  
Options We Offer
Drain Cleaning & Jetting
  •  We offer full line CLEANINGS - meaning we put a full size blade into the sewer the size of your clean out to get as many of the roots out as possible. This allows us to get a camera in and inspect the line, getting you the most information. Other companies offer CLEARINGS for special pricing, but the catch is the small blade they use. A CLEARING is meant to get the water to go down to show you how many roots are still left in the system.
  •  We also have the ability to water jet interior and exterior drain lines. This pressure washes the line cutting through roots, grease, and sludge. The water scours the pipe to clean the surface to keep things from clinging to old particles.
  •  Our sewer camera has the ability to see inside your drain lines, track where the line runs, and make video. 
Spot Repairs & Clean Outs
  •  Sometimes the best starting point is to open the sewer line outside to install a clean out. This allows us to run the sewer machine outside. This means all the tree roots we pull out are outside rather than in your house.
  •  Clean outs are installed to be the same size as the part of the sewer we are connecting to. This means we can put a full size blade in to get the best cleaning possible.
  •  Spot repairs replace a single section of sewer if you have a single bad fitting.
  •  Clean outs and spot repairs are always bed in #8 stone or sand depending on the specifications of the city or town.
  •  We pull all permits and have the local authority inspect our work, giving you the security of a 3rd party qualifying that our work was done correctly for you the first time.
Point Repair/ Pipe Patch (NO DIGGING REQUIRED)
  •  With a proper clean out on the sewer line, we have the ability to patch a section of sewer with fiberglass impregnated with epoxy resin. 
  •  Reinforces a broken sewer to prevent collapsing or root intrusion. 
  •  The patch will have the look and smooth surface of PVC
  •  Perfect for a situation where there is only one or two issues with the sewer without having to dig.
  •  Saves you money on excavating the yard and having to wait for settling to reseed.  
Line Replacement & Pipe Bursting
  •  We have the equipment, knowledge, licensing, and bonds to replace your sewer right the first time.
  •  Do to roots, settling, and bellies in the pipe your sewer may need to be replaced. We want you to be confident whether traditionally dug or pipe burst, your sewer will be done correctly with a great warranty. 
  •  Pipe Bursting is using equipment to pull a new sewer through your existing piping. A machine pulls a 1" steel cable attached to a steel bullet through your old sewer. That steel bullet expands and breaks the old sewer out of the way while pulling a new sewer line behind it. The new sewer is fused in 20 foot sections so that there is no way roots can grow into the new system. 
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There are several causes that can affect your sewer and cause problems. Grease and plant roots are the most frequent causes of sewer problems that includes clogs, backups and overflows.
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